Terms and Conditions

These Terms of Use (these “Terms”), govern the access or use by You, an individual or a body corporate, from within USA of the services (the “Services”) made available by Micros IT Solutions.

1. Principles

Your access to the website and use of its services establishes your agreement to be bound by these terms, thereby establishing a contractual relationship between you and Micros IT Solutions. If you do not agree to these terms, you may choose not to access the website and its services. These terms explicitly supersedes any prior written or oral agreements with you. Please read these terms and conditions carefully before accessing our services.

Micros IT Solutions will implement an agreement with you constituting these terms and any other terms towards the materialization of yours and its rights and obligations. In the event of any conflict regarding the provision of these terms and conditions, any supplemental terms to these terms and those mentioned in the agreement, the agreement shall prevail. 


Micros IT Solutions reserves the right to restrict you from accessing or using these services, or any part of them, immediately, without prior notice, in any event where Micros IT Solutions suspect that:

  • You have, or are likely to, breach these terms
  • You do not, or are unlikely to, qualify under applicable law or the policies of Micros IT Solutions to access and use the services

Micros IT Solutions can terminate these terms and/or any Services with respect to you, or generally discontinue offering or deny access to the services or any part thereof:

1. Immediately where Micros IT Solutions reasonably suspects that:

a) You have, or are likely to, breach these terms

b) You do not, or are not likely to, qualify under applicable law or policies of Micros IT Solutions, to access and use the services